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Changes to VAT Legislation in Europe: What Game Developers Need to Know

In this blog post, Elena Sakova, Strategist and Global Operations expert at Xsolla talks about the upcoming changes to European tax legislation that will affect B2C sellers of telecommunications, broadcasting and electronically supplied services.

changes to VAT in EU


Starting January 1, 2015 both EU and foreign businesses working with EU customers will be obliged to pay the VAT at the rate applicable in the consumer’s member state (current legislation stipulates that EU businesses must be taxed based on the place of their establishment).

The new regulation is intended to harmonize VAT treatment of e-services (telecommunications, broadcasting and electronically supplied services) delivered to final consumers and set an equal treatment of EU and non-EU companies providing their services to EU consumers.

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Kids Games: How to Customize It for the Young Ones

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According to this article on IGN, mobile game users are playing more than ever. Among these are some of the youngest players ever, with an average starting age of picking up gaming just 8 years old. Claims the article:

According to the NPD Group, 53 percent of total mobile users say the time they spend on mobile gaming has increased this year. Teens (ages 12-17) spend seven hours a week playing mobile games, compared to only five a week in 2011.

What does this mean? For starters, that developers have a huge and rapidly growing user base to cater to. With the rise of in-app transactions steadily increasing year after year, developers will probably want to use microtransactions to fuel many of their games. With young users, however, there are a few steps to bear in mind to ensure a safe and still monetizing game. Read on to learn more!

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