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hitbox Partners With Payment and Billing Solutions Provider Xsolla

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Vienna, Austria — February 23rd, 2015

In an effort to provide its users with the easiest and most comprehensive option for payments possible, hitbox has partnered with the global leader in gaming payment and billing solutions, Xsolla. From today forward, hitbox viewers will have access to more than 600 methods to pay for subscriptions to their favorite channels. All the available payment options will be presented once the subscribing process has been initiated by the viewer.

“The phenomenon of video game livestreaming is truly global. Our users span the world, and when it came to our payment and billing needs we had to work with an organization that understood just how varied the needs of our users could be,” said Martin Klimscha CEO of hitbox. “Xsolla has a track record of excellence, and we’re elated to work with the space’s leader.”

“We are very excited to begin a long and successful partnership with hitbox as they continue to grow their business globally.” Sam Gaglani, Senior Director of Global Business Development.

As video game livestreaming grows, both hitbox and Xsolla want to help passionate gamers turn their hobby into their jobs. Giving broadcasters and their fans a wider set of payment options is one of the most impactful ways to enable more people to support content they like.

hitbox.tv is a global innovator in gaming and eSports livestreaming. With a product focusing on a delay free experience between broadcasters and viewers, it aims to bring interaction to a level that hasn’t been achieved in the industry before.

hitbox’s state-of-the-art chat based on HTML5 and its unique interaction-focused features allow the culture of sharing and community that has driven the meteoric growth of livestreaming to be realized in ways that were previously impossible. The company’s partnership program lowers the barrier to entry for gamers aspiring to turn their passions into careers so everyone can “Live! it up”.

Xsolla provides video game developers and publishers with payment and billing services for doing business on a global scale. Our advanced monetization solutions make it easy to accept in-game payments worldwide via connection to hi-tech payment platforms.

Want to know more about Xsolla? Check us out!

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Selling the Store for F2P Games

Monetization has become a huge part of selling video games regardless of platform: DLC, F2P, boosts and more. This makes having an easily understandable payment page vital for anyone looking to receive profits from these purchases. All it takes is one confusing purchase to turn a fan into a disgruntled former customer. And we at Xsolla can help you out with designing a great UI. 

flow-1.1-item-choose@2x 2


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Payment Systems: How to choose


The most popular payment methods in different regions (the graph is made in Capsidea)

If you read our previous publications, you are aware that it’s extremely difficult to keep modern gamers involved in your game. Xsolla believes each of these issues deserves attention, but the possible problems with payment methods must be solved first. We are not talking just about problems with an interface or integration but with a choice of appropriate for different regions payment instruments. Xsolla partners with very many American companies. As a rule browser games, mobile applications, client F2P- entertainments get a certain set of payment methods for the United States. They clearly meet the preferences of the American public. Basically it’s PayPal and credit cards.


The most popular payment methods in Russia

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War of Omens: Kickstarter Success Story

War of Omens is Fifth Column Games newest game that was recently funded on Kickstarter. The game is a competitive deck building card game that follows a F2P model. The developers have released a lot of content for the game, and also provided a variety of payment methods to help increase their sales.To celebrate the developer’s choice to use the Xsolla payment solution, we took a look at how War of Omens reached it’s current position, as well as ask the developers about their plans for the future.

War of Omens  Image 1

War of Omens  may have started as a hobby project, but it quickly evolved into something bigger. Gabe Johns would casually work on the game on his commutes, but quickly grew to admire his project . The entire team fell in love with the concept as well, and they soon decided to put all of their resources into making the game their next premier title. To help fund the product, Full Column Games launched a Kickstarter with a goal of $30,000. Displaying their passion for card games, the developers made it clear that they wanted consumers to experience their unique twist on Deck Building and collectible card games. Every donation after $10 gave consumers access to the main beta , and the developer even made the game available to everyone between Jan 11 – Jan 12.

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